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"With You Every Step"

5K Training Program
(aka "Couch 2 5k")

This 5k training program is ideal for those with a yearning desire to either complete their first 5k, improve on their first 5k or get back into 5k running after a lay off or injury. This 13 week program is designed to comfortably take you from your current abilities to the next level. of your running progression. 

What separates this 5k program from many of the other programs out there is that we at Sole Vibrations place a strong emphasis on strength training with the understanding that it is only on a strong foundation that endurance is built.


Start Date: 7/11/22
Goal Race: Eversource Hartford Marathon Charity 5K*
Goal Race Day: 10/8/22
Training Duration: 13 weeks
Training Location: Various locations around Hartford and surrounding towns**

Time Demands for Training(approximately): 1 hour/day - 4 days/week 
* Sign up for 5K training program is a completely separate sign up from the Eversource Charity 5k. 
** Specific locations TBD on a weekly basis. Examples: Riverside Park Riverfront(Hartford), Bushnell Park(Hartford), L.P. Wilson Community Center)   

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